Accessible and paced for real life

Many telesummits bombard listeners with so much information there’s no way you can get through it all. In contrast, our interviews are broken into 30-minute bite-size chunks and infused with fun activities over a manageable span of time, giving you variety and flexibility so you can soak it all in and enjoy it at your own pace.

Entertaining, candid interviews

No boring talking heads here! These won’t be the canned, “one-size-fits-all” kind of talks you see at other conferences. We hand-picked experts from a broad range of backgrounds who personally inspire us. We’ll have candid, raw, and real conversations with real people, and you’ll get real tips you can use right away in your practice + life.

It’s a festival– fun and experiential!

We change and grow through experiences, not boring lectures. So we’ve asked all our speakers to select a creative experiential activity you can use to awaken your creativity, break through barriers, and transform old patterns. These content-rich experiences will add a new dimension to your learning that you won’t get anywhere else.

Bring your friends!

Attend with a friend and get a big discount! It’s no fun going to a festival alone, so we encourage you to bring your friends to this virtual celebration and attend together. We heal through relationships, not in isolation. We’re all about bringing therapists together from all over the world to support, inspire, and encourage one another.


I completed Create Fest with a sense of spiritual fullness, fun, and a renewed sense of creativity and community. It is always nice knowing that there are many of us seeking new and innovative ways to work with clients. We are in a profession to help guide clients toward wellness, not keep them in therapy for years. And, by helping them tap into their own creative pathways, we are fulfilling our mission.

Attend Create Fest and you will not only learn about different forms of creative therapy but you will also have many opportunities to personally experience a variety of interventions. As you personally experience these interventions, you will be better equipped to share the interventions with your clients. I found many of the presentations and experiential components to be emotionally moving, mentally stimulating, and spiritually uplifting. The format is very user-friendly and the sense of community is just awesome. Sometimes we creative folks feel a bit stifled and on the outer periphery of the clinical world…not in Create Fest!

I watched mostly from my desktop computer at home. At times, I switched to my laptop for more portability. My feline friends kept me company throughout Create Fest, including Dixie von Pickles and Snuffles. I think they liked your voices! – Diane Coll

I attended Create Fest live, on my laptop in the comfort of my own home. I had no problems with the technology! It was very easy to participate.

I felt a strong connection with like-minded clinicians and validation for the work I have been doing as an art therapist for many years. I gained new approaches and ways to use the create approach for myself and my clients. It also strengthened my belief in what I do.

Create Fest is an innovative, interactive, lively…and contemplative online conference. The interview style felt very intimate and made me feel like I was right there. No fast, jolting power-points! I appreciated being in my own home and not having to spend travel time and money. I think it would be fun to view with a group of people. – Karen Misseldine LMHC, MA; ATR 

Hi. ….just finished watching listening and taking notes on all 12 createfest sessions. It has been a wonderful journey. ….refreshing. ..intriguing. ..broadening. ….! I definitely will be “taking away” much more than 3 things to add to my counseling experience!  For myself….as well as for my clients! Thank you so much for bringing this program to life! Gratefully…. – Rena Zeilingold. 

Create Fest is online festival of therapist, art therapists, and well renowned and creative speakers sharing their knowledge, wisdom and creativity in an interactive format that is engaging, inspiring, and supportive. You can join the festival via the computer, phone, i-pad, TV with your friends, at the office, out of town or in the comfort of your own home.  The festival or workshop occurs LIVE, but is also recorded in case you are unavailable at the time of the live festival. You have 3 months to listen to the workshop. The workshop consists of well renowned speakers being interviewed by the 2 leaders of the festival and them sharing their knowledge, wisdom, perspectives, and creative techniques with the viewers as well as encouraging the viewers to engage in an experiential exercise.  The leaders engage in the exercise simultaneously, sharing their finished products, asking for live responses from the viewers via a chat forum, and providing instantaneous feedback.  It is an encouraging, supportive, and inspiring community of therapists and art therapists that encourage viewers to listen, observe, experiment with their creativity and  “invite” that in their clients. It also promotes the self care of therapists and clients. It isn’t just listening to speakers, but an engagement with the moderators and the experiential exercises. You are infused with creativity and transformation that is sure to ripple to your clients. The Create Fest provides a new way of looking at your self, the world, and your clients and their issues. – Lisa Foppa, LMSW 

 The experiential exercises deepened the learning for me and gave me additional creative ways to work with my clients.  In every way I was reminded why I became a therapist, how grateful I am to have been in this profession for over 30 years, how much I love and value this work, and the importance of self-care and community.  Easily one of the best, most enjoyable, richest, creative, educational, motivating, deepening, fun, interesting, enriching experiences to come along.  I will happily recommend it to colleagues. – Belinda Carter, LCSW

I attended live, in bed, on my laptop. Technology was easy. I enjoyed the speakers, esp. when they joined in live for their segments. I think Create Fest is a quick, efficient way to get inspired by a variety of speakers, especially for those who feel isolated in their work.

Big thank you! – Mary Isaacson

Create Fest is a PHENOMENAL workshop of varied and interesting speakers that provide techniques to working with clients in a more creative space.  If you are feeling stuck in your practice feeling like you are doing the same things with similar results and want to learn new and adaptable techniques to approach anxiety, depression, grief, and just the “normal” complaints of clients, you will not be disappointed!  There is something in the 2 day seminar for EVERYONE. I thought it was a great way to spend the weekend. I attended both live and recorded. I loved the live chat area where we could do live time conversation based on what we were seeing with the speakers, and ask questions that were answered in the same fashion. – Stephanie Rudolph, MFT 

In Create Fest, you’ll hear about approaches you probably have not known about or even imagined that other like-minded therapists have explored and developed.  You’ll get a chance to try some parts of them out in real time with those developers.  The ambience is supportive and fast-paced enough to keep it all interesting yet slow, thorough, and experiential so that you can actually absorb the information and approaches.  In that way, this training has integrity.  It gives you helpful experiences as a therapist so that you may give your clients what we know is the transformational approach:  experiences. – Karol Bailey, Ph.D.


I watched Create fest from my computer at the library. The live experience was great. I insights, both personal and professional, new creative processes and imagery to use with clients. It was a wonderfully, interactive, thought provoking experience! Thank you! – Lucy Douglas. 


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