Do you love your work but crave more inspiration?

Feel like you’re not as effective as you could be?

Are you exhausted from our field’s information overload and how it over-emphasizes right and wrong answers?





We’ve trained thousands of therapists over the last 20 years.

Here’s what we’ve learned in the process:
Therapy has become too serious and manualized.

So many therapists we talk to and train feel stuck, bored, and tired of uttering the same speeches and applying the same techniques, session after session. They simply don’t feel as effective as they want to be anymore.

You may have figured out by now, as we have, that picking up more protocols, tacking on another theoretical approach, or collecting additional certifications… well, that isn’t where you’ll find the answers.

Even though standard continuing education has some merit, “official” orthodox approaches will only take you so far. Tried and true methods will work for some clients, but not for others.

There’s nothing ordinary about the human mind or the human experience — your clients’ or your own. The gift of healing comes in many varieties, packaged in countless ways, that can be unpacked and revealed with endless possibilities.

We’ve found a way to fall back in love with our work and we want that for you too. So we’re sharing our discovery with you — our fellow therapists.

That’s why we decided to put on a full festival — teaching and celebrating creativity!

We want you to get excited about your work and be able to try new creative things that revitalize your sessions.

We want you to break out of the feeling of inadequacy that the evidence-based emphasis, that we’ve all become caught up in, creates.

We want you to have fun.

Gain confidence.

And get new ideas about how you can create amazing results with clients.

Early Bird Pricing of $249 ends 4/28!

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Want to bring a friend- get a discount for both of you! Just enter your friend’s name n the comments section of the paypal checkout page for $197 each!

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We gathered some of the most vibrant and creative experts we could find and crafted the kind of unconventional and playful — yet powerfully practical — continuing education program we would want to attend.

‘Get Out of The Box and Into Your Right Mind’ isn’t going to be boring. It’s not just a dozen talking heads giving you a bunch of facts and ideas—instead we’ve devised a unique interactive and engaging structure.

Here’s how the festival works:

  • 12 speaker interviews: These are short and lively. Each expert will speak on their topic for 20-30 minutes and then give us a take-away activity. During the interview, join our live chat to share insights, ask questions and get in on the conversation.
  • 12 Out of the Box Take-Away Activities: Following each interview, Gretchen and Lisa will facilitate the experiential activity from our speaker. Again, you can participate on the live chat, share your insights and experiences and feel virtually connected to like-minded therapists.

You also get:

  • 12 CEU’s
  • Access to a Private Facebook page where connection and continued learning will happen before, during, and after the event.
  • Handouts from each speaker including the Out of the Box Take away (a resource you can use for yourself and your clients again and again).
  • Access to recorded interviews for 3 months.

Don’t Worry:

CreateFest is not going to be overwhelming like some workshops that bombard you with information. The interviews are short and digestible. The take away activities are fun and integrative. And, if you can’t make the whole Festival, you won’t miss out. Everything will be recorded, even the live activities so that you can watch when you are able.

Does technology make you anxious? CreateFest is going to happen on an easy-to-access platform called Zoom. We have folks here to help you, and once you get set up (easy breezy) it’s just a click of a button and it’s like watching TV.

Non-therapists are welcome too! If you are a coach, a conflict mediator, a teacher, or someone who is just curious about the creative process we applaud your participation.

Hear from last year’s participants: 

Come on over HERE and read the rave reviews from last year’s festival participants!  We just love how their words capture the community feel and the meaningful learning.

Early Bird Registration Bonuses

Once you register, you can get started right away with two creative activities brought to you by two of our favorite students!

Embodied Ethics

In a short video, Dayna Guido will guide you through an expressive arts activity designed to help you make sound ethical decisions by attuning to your body. Using the concept of body-fulness, we will learn how to identify the experience of how we show up to our work and the ethics to which we adhere.

Dayna Guido, MSW, LCSW, ACSW is in private practice in Asheville, NC. She teaches in the Center for Graduate Studies in Asheville, NC for the Lenoir-Rhyne University Counseling Department and East Tennessee State University MSW Program.


Unearthing Your Natural Strengths & Wisdom

This handout/worksheet is an Eco-Art activity that will be give you space and guidance to slow down, tune into the world around you, and resource the wisest parts within to hold and cultivate connection, joy, and creativity.  Regardless of skill, background, or materials you can better learn to center yourself within our ever-changing environment and selves through this deeply connecting practice.

Lanie Smith, MPS, ATR is a Registered Art Therapist and owner of Integrative Art Therapy as well as co-founder of Matters of the Heart Retreats for couples.  Lanie combines art and nature in her work to help others connect more deeply to themselves, others, their natural creativity, and innate wisdom. Lanie also teaches helping professionals cultivate creative and compassionate self-care as burnout and compassion fatigue prevention.

Early Bird Pricing of $249 ends 4/28!

Yes, sign me up individual ticket!

Want to bring a friend- get a discount for both of you! Just enter your friend’s name in the comments section of the paypal checkout page for $197 each!

Yes, sign me up friend ticket!

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