Get Out Of The Box And Into Your Right Mind

The Second Annual Online Creativity Festival for Mental Health Professionals

May 19 & 20, 2017

12 experts in the field share their most creative ideas and invite you to earn
12 CE’s from the comfort of your own home or office and…




We brought together 12 of the most creative therapists,writers, and authors, and asked each of them to bring you inspired approaches that will help you partner with your creativity to do your best work and elicit deep transformation within your clients (and yourself).

This isn’t your average conference, it’s an experiential Online Creativity Festival designed to revitalize you and help you:


Eliminate fears of taking creative risks


New spins on art, imagery, metaphor, and writing


Discover how to embody creativity


Ignite your creative fire with fun, experiential tools

Create Fest is an innovative, interactive, lively…and contemplative online conference. The interview style felt very intimate and made me feel like I was right there. No fast, jolting power-points! I appreciated being in my own home and not having to spend travel time and money. I think it would be fun to view with a group of people.

Karen Misseldine LMHC, MA, ATR 

Join us as our expert speakers show you how to partner with your creativity and evoke transformation in your sessions.

And the best part is…

Each speaker will lead you in an inspiring activity you can do during the festival to experience these transformational strategies yourself!

It’s all happening May 19 & 20, 2017!

Yes, sign me up!

Meet the CreateFest 2017 Speakers!

Rick Hanson

"H.E.A.L. Your Creativity and “Crank Up” Your Resources"

Peter Korn

"Craft as a Process of Self-Transformation"

Laury Rappaport

"Accessing the Body's Wisdom and Creative Expression with Focusing-Oriented Expressive Arts"

Eric Maisel

"Mastering Creative Anxiety for Artists and Therapists"

Kay Adams

"The Way of the Journal"

Courtney Armstrong

"Crafting Music Playlists that Grow Inner Resources"

Natalie Goldberg

"Writing a Poem without Words: The Painting/Writing Relationship"

Jennie Linthorst

"It all starts with a poem…"

Mary Knysh

"Accessing Healing through Rhythm and Sound"

Laura Davis

"Writing to Heal"

Terry Marks-Tarlow

"Clinical Intuition and Creativity"

Gretchen Miller

"The Role of Social Media in Creativity and Connection"

I was incredibly inspired by the speakers, the sense of community, and the ideas that we shared. It reinvigorated my work as an artist and art therapist. Most of us work solo or in smaller groups and don’t have many chances to meet up with other therapists on a regular basis. Create Fest was a wonderful way to connect with other therapists no matter the distance or schedule.

– Sara Roizen, Art Therapist

  • Learn From Creative Experts Who Are Truly Inspiring.
  • Discover How To Fall In Love With Your Work Again.
  • Get Amazing Results With Your Clients!

This is NOT another videosummit packed with so much information you feel dazed and overwhelmed, nor is it a conference where your butt gets tired from sitting all day.

This is a fun 2-day Festival infused with variety, spontaneity, and experiential activities that liberate your imagination, activate your inner genius, and re-energize you with powerful new tools that get results!

We hand-picked speakers at the top of their game. And you should know, each of them jumped on board, without hesitation, and despite their busy schedules… which speaks volumes to their passion and dedication to inspring YOU to discover your unique gifts and enjoy the life-changing work you do with others!